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Longer, Straighter Drives More Consistently – Hit More Drives in the Fairway and in Play

Now you can finally eliminate the 3-5 bad drives (or more) that blow up your rounds. The GX-7 is easier to hit, more forgiving, and straighter than your traditional driver. It is the ultimate driver replacement for recreational golfers who struggle with consistency off the tee. The GX-7 is legal for tournament play and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Watch the video below for more on the GX-7 and then click “Add to Order” to upgrade your order today.

14° GX-7 X-Metal

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Watch the video above to see how the GX-7 quickly improves your long game. No more embarrassingly short drives. No more re-teeing after hitting into the trees. Say goodbye to slices, pop-ups and worm-burners. Now you can drive the ball long and straight on every hole. You will consistently find the fairway and rollout for extra yards.


Loft: 14˚

Lie Angle: 58˚

Length: 42.5˝

Shaft: Graphite